Friday, July 8, 2011

Tender Mercies

Since we've moved here to California, Caleb has really had a rough time (well, a rough time for Caleb). He's still the lovable, crazy kid we all know, but he's very easily frustrated these days. It's especially difficult to watch, since he's been such a rock through everything with Charlotte. My heart breaks for this poor kid and all he's had to endure.

So I get it. I get why he's angry and frustrated and prone to tantrums.

I understand why he gets so upset when its not his turn, because it hasn't been his turn for practically half his life. I can comprehend his fear of everyone leaving him, because Peter left for several weeks, then I left for two weeks, then Grandma and Grandpa suddenly disappear and now Grandpere is gone... the poor kid. Not to mention we spent nearly three weeks in the PICU, expecting him to smile and behave when he really just wanted to go to the beach. (OK, maybe it was me that just wanted to go to the beach, but I'm certain he wanted out of that hospital room too).

But just because I understand it, doesn't mean its OK, right? I mean, he can't yell at the kids in his sports class because they stepped off their circles. He can't try to hit me because we're not going to the pool right.this.second. He can't spend three hours eating dinner because he doesn't like it, especially when he hasn't even taken a bite to try it yet. He can't cry hysterically every time I have him lay down to go to sleep, in fear that I am leaving him.

We've been looking around at preschools, trying to find something that would work for him for this fall. He thrives in classroom settings and loves, loves, loves playing with other kids. He misses his friends and often asks me where they all went. So you can imagine our despair when most preschools were looking at about $1,200 a month. Yeah. Ouch.

Today, however, we got a call from the Naval Medical Center (where Peter works) saying Caleb just got off the wait list for the pre school on base. We've been on this wait list for months now, and had been told to expect at least a year long wait. This preschool is heavily discounted, and highly rated. We're thrilled that he'll be able to start there in a few weeks. I'm grateful that our financial needs were met. But I'm even more grateful that Caleb's needs were understood.

When I told him today that he was going to be able to start school in a few weeks, he literally started jumping up and down and clapping his hands. He shouted, "Momma, I'll have friends there! They will like me!"

Sometimes we all need a few people around us that like us. Even when you're three.