Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Don't Get It

I really don't get it. What's the big deal with wishing someone Happy Holidays? I see people being up in arms that no one wishes people Merry Christmas any more, and I wonder, is Christmas not included in "holidays"? Why can't I wish for someone who might celebrate any other winter holiday a happy season? Are Christians the only ones who get to celebrate?

Seriously. I don't get it. Am I missing something?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NYC Girls Trip

In August, I also was able to escape and take a very necessary girls trip to NYC. I had a blast.

NYC's finest.

Maureen from our Guided History Tour. She's amazing.

9/11 Person to Person Guided History Tour. An absolute must.

Birthday celebrating.


FYI, there isn't a Holocaust Museum in NYC.

We really liked this Whole Foods.

Naked cowboy. With clothes on.

Girls, seriously, this was the best trip. Can't wait to do it again. Seriously. How's next week sound?

Monday, December 6, 2010


In August, we attended the annual Pope Crab Fest. It's a great family get together on Peter's side of the family, held each summer. Since it's not centered around a holiday, people don't have to juggle which family they will see and how they will split their time, so everyone can attend. It's great! Of course, I totally failed in the picture taking aspect, and only snapped one picture of Caleb playing with a caterpillar.

Following the Crab Fest, we starting giving Charlotte oral feeds. This was a huge deal, as it represented one of the last big hurdles for getting her home. In the end, this hurdle pretty much beat the heck outta us, but at the time, we were blissfully unaware.

Finally, after six full months in the hospital, we prepared to bring Charlotte home! It was amazing. Scary, and hectic and amazing.

Charlotte's prescriptions to be filled for her to come home!

The big day. Caleb was very involved.

Siblings. Charlotte minus facial accessories.

The tank. And yes, we bribed Caleb to be good with a cookie.

August ended with Peter leaving for San Diego for a month long pediatric rotation at the Naval Hospital. We missed him a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot.

My Naval Officer.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


In July, my little sister was married. We had a great time at the reception, which was held in a restored barn that General George Washington used, ya know, back in the day.

July 31, 2010
I was really proud of us for taking a picture together.

Getting their groove on.

My father and I

My brother, Tracy, was able to meet Charlotte for the first time on his way down to Washington DC for the wedding. It was a great day!

Uncle Tracy and Charlotte

Tracy and Hanna.

My niece, Sophie, Tracy's daughter. She's about 3 months younger than Caleb, and too cute for words.

The trouble makers, themselves, Katie and Jordan Harmer.

Another grand adventure in July included a trip down to the Please Touch Museum. When we lived in the city, we went to PTM about twice a week. It was great. Now that we're further away, PTM is a big treat. Caleb loves it.

All the toys in the world to play with, and he must play with the trains.

That sums up July! Only six more months to catch up on!

Our Poor Neglected Blog

Family photos taken by Deborah Saull Photography. Her facebook page can be viewed here.

This poor blog.

I promise, things besides Charlotte have occurred in our life over the past nine months.

I'm working on it. But no promises.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The End

29- Immune Systems. Seriously.

30- Eternal Families. The Novak/ Morales family buried their child, Gabriel, today. We have a tendency to believe that we are promised healthy families, healthy children, healthy careers, etc. We sometimes get angry when those supposed promises don't pan out. I understand that anger. Believe me, I get it. But I'm grateful that when I get over that anger, there are principles like eternal families that help me understand; that help me believe that while life isn't fair, eternity is. I don't believe that all "Why's" will ever be answered, in this life, and possibly not in the next. Some things just happen. Some children die. Some children get sick. Some children ace their SAT's. Some children hate their parents. Not everything happens for a reason. But I do believe that God will help us along the way. He won't make all those bad things go away. He won't make all those bad things happen. But He will give us strength-- knowledge of eternal families, friends who know when to call, parents who teach us good principles-- to get us through those difficult times.