Wednesday, October 10, 2012

June 2012

I should really start breaking these into individual posts, but I'm too lazy for that.


We had some extra passes and brought Caleb's friend, B, with us to Legoland. The boys were so cute together. It was a big reminder about how quickly Caleb is growing up.

 Playing With Friends

We also had the chance to have friends over all throughout the month. Caleb and T love to play together. They are all into superheroes and T particularly loves firemen.

Bring your kid over, I'll load him up with sugar and frozen yogurt. That's how we roll around here.

Just Hanging Around

In the moments we're not hanging out with friends, or going to Sea World, this is what our home looks like:

"Technically" this isn't our house. But we hang out here a lot.


Intern Party

Peter had a bunch of events going on at the end of his intern year (can I get an Hallelujah?!). We both got to dress up and go out and do adult things for the evening. It was stressful and chaotic and fun. Maybe we do it again in a year or so. :)
Peds Interns. Minus Brian.
The Marrieds. Minus Brian.
The boys. Minus Brian.
We're like, um, real people!


We went to a Baseball game with the Pediatrics Residency program at the end of the year, too. Caleb ate a lot of Cotton Candy, and the Padres actually won!

 End of the Year Party: Pediatrics

The Pediatrics department has a Hail and Farewell each year, welcoming the new interns and saying goodbye to the third year residents, as well as any of the staff who might be deploying or leaving for a new duty station. Last year we were wandering, lost newbies, and this year, we were tired, exhausted, and thrilled to be done :)

Katie and Shane. They might be the most interesting people ever. Love them.

Again. Being adults. Weird.

The Briggs. They now have an adorable little girl!
Peter's mentor, Dr. Welch. He beats Peter in racquetball with his eyes closed.
The Girls: Pediatric Interns

Peter and Shane being Peter and Shane

Peds Interns no more!
Somehow they convinced their program director that she should let them hold her. She's a brave woman.

I really like these girls. Peds Residents.

Katie and moi. We survived as wives. Go us!
Jaime and Kristen, second year (now third!) residents.

 San Diego County Fair

We spent a whole bunch of money at the fair. Someone has to keep the economy going, right? The kids had a great time. Charlotte wasn't too sure about the rides at first, but eventually she warmed up to them. Caleb was a huge fan the entire time. He kept asking for more. Thus the reason we spent a whole bunch of money. But seriously. Have you ever said no to a kid at a fair?

She thinks we are trying to kill her.

Eventually, she figured out we were not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

May 2012

May 2012

It shouldn't be a surprise to many of you that most of these posts will involve sugar of some kind. Cameron, Caleb and I like to relax after difficult days (preschool is hard, man!) with some Pinkberry. Caleb will even sing a song about it:

 It also shouldn't surprise you that we moved. Shocking, I know. In 6 years of marriage, we have lived in 8 different homes. Why make it easy? Anyway, this is how Caleb entertained himself while we put together furniture. He had red marks on his face for a couple of days. #motheroftheyear

Peter had some *gasp* vacation in May, and we had a fun staycation. We got passes to Legoland, and spent a day there, as well as at Sea World and the Zoo. We're San Diego pros. Come visit, we'll take you as well!

Caleb got his "driver's license" at Legoland

Charlotte is too cool for Legoland

I have a feeling this won't be the last time she makes this face while asking if she can drive....
 We won the firetruck race. It was incredibly intense and required a lot of skill. That's what I'm telling myself at least.

It was all for Caleb, I promise

Don't worry, she didn't actually eat it. I would have blogged about THAT!

She's not impressed.

Legoman. Charlotte is skeptical.

Our nurse took a family picture for us one day after church. Our children were really excited about it.

Annnnnnd more trips to Sea World. It's awesome.

 And that wraps up May!