Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little of This and That

"They" say the baby is the size of a lemon at this point. 14 weeks and I'm breaking out the maternity pants just in time to eat my body weight in food for the holidays. {The best thing about maternity clothes is that your belly never gets that "my belt is cutting off blood supply to my abdomen" feeling when you've eaten too much.} Yes, that's about 2 months earlier than I needed maternity pants with Caleb, but why fight it?

In other news, Pete is off of school for two weeks! My semester is over, and Caleb can count to ten, so we figure all education can stop until the New Year. Saturday and Sunday brought us almost 2 feet of snow, so we're getting creative with things to do at home, but somehow, we'll manage to survive all this relaxation.

We're looking forward to the holiday festivities, as well as celebrating Caleb's 2nd birthday and my Bala's un-numbered birthday {because she's timeless:)} tomorrow, December 22. We wish you the best-- may the holidays bring happiness and safety to you, wherever you may be.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Round Two

Peter and I decided that we've done such a good job keeping Caleb safe and healthy (there should be a font for sarcasm on blogs) that we're gonna go ahead and do it to another kid.

Due June 21, 2010.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Once a Fan, Always a Fan

Pittsburgh Steelers LogoImage via Wikipedia

I think I'm going to start watching Hockey. I love the Steelers, but this is just starting to get painful. We've always been a "come from behind" team, but I think we've forgotten which way we're suppose to be headed. Is this how Browns feel ALL the time? So sad for them.

That being said, I love me some Steelers-- win or lose.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chemists Know How to Party

Pittsburgh has some great museums, thanks to Andrew Carnegie. One of my favorites is the Carnegie Science Center. Pretty much, my dream is to work at the Science Center some day. Despite the fact that we probably won't ever live in Pittsburgh again (there aren't many Naval Bases here) I can still dream, right?

Anyway, my grandfather (known as Papa) is a retired Chemist, but he still participates in some of the Chemical Societies here in the 'Burgh. Each year, the SACP (Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh) holds an evening at the Science Center. Peter, Caleb and I were able to join him and Bala, as well as my sister Shayla, and her husband (Sean) and her son, Dean. Caleb and Dean had so much fun running around, playing with the robots and checking out the INCREDIBLE train display. The Science Center also has an entire floor designed for children, and Dean and Caleb spent most of the night trying to see just how wet they could get in the water displays.

The SACP also has a Santa come each year and Caleb actually sat on his lap! I thought he would scream and cry, but he sat there in amazement.

Of course, we didn't bring the camera, so we don't have pictures, but we sure had a fun night!

Thanks Papa!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sorta

Caleb's Party - 3, originally uploaded by jaaron.

Caleb's birthday arrives at the time of year when one is:
1. Running around in a chaotic mess --OR--
2. Getting severly annoyed at all the people surrounding us who are running around in a chaotic mess,

Knowing this, and remembering the miserable FAIL we got for his first birthday celebration, Peter and I decided to celebrate the birth of our little monster a bit early.

We did a Halloween/ Birthday Party and had a bunch of friends and family over. Peter's parents were kind enough to open their home for our party when the weather promised not to cooperate. They graciously put up with my crazy party planning and welcomed all with open arms.

Since the party, almost a month ago, Caleb has told us Happy Birthday everyday and frequently sings "Happy Birthday to You" over and over again. We went to Toys R Us the other day (it was Caleb's first time in the store) and he walked up and down the isles singing Happy Birthday to everyone he saw.

Thanks to all the friends and family who came to celebrate with us! My siblings (minus Katie) were all there and it was great to spend some time with them.

Happy Birthday (almost) little boy!