Wednesday, June 8, 2011

He Did It!

Nick (brother), Peter, Patti (mom), Grandma Ford, Auntie Linda, and oh yeah, Caleb

My son needs a haircut, but his daddy is a DOCTOR!

Peter and his Mom. Congrats Patti! He would NOT be here without you!

Bruce, the PCOM photographer. No one takes pictures of the photographer. This man kicked Peter's and his friends' trash in racquetball

Moments after receiving his diploma. He's not excited or anything, right?

Pinning Ceremony for the Navy.

Lieutenant Knickerbocker

Making it official

We're so proud of him!

My grandparents, Bala and Papa came out for the festivities. We love you guys!

My sister "hooded" Peter. She is finishing her ER residency and come July 1, she's a REAL doctor :)

Her son, Dean, rockin' the boots and hat

Peter's grandmother drove all the way from Ontario to be here for this!

On Sunday, Peter officially finished his medical school education. He has many more years before his "education" is over, but this part has drawn to a close. He graduated as the 120st class of PCOM. We're so, so, so proud of him.

On Saturday, we had a little party at our place and Peter's fifth grade teacher came. She said that way back when she was writing "Knickerbocker Questions" (he used to ask questions no one could answer, so she'd write them down and come back the next day with an answer) on the board, she knew that he'd accomplish anything he wanted. It was so neat to see this teacher, who taught him 17 years ago, be there to celebrate his achievement.

Thanks to all of you, who supported us through this time. We couldn't have done it without you.

Here's to residency!


Sharon M said...

What a great accomplishment! And I love all of the family pictures. Afterall, that's what life is all about--family. And without them there, you pretty much don't stand a chance of getting very far. Congratulations to EVERYONE--especially Pete!!

Ann said...

Kudos! Congratulations! Felicitations! And good luck in CA!

Linze Kate said...

Congrats!!! So exciting and about time... :)

Joel and Sara said...

YEAH Peter!